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Qwabe - is he a KHOI or SAN - because the BANTU stole their land!

Unfortunately for Theunissen, it seems the repercussions for his post will extend beyond social media outrage. Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille told CapeTalk radio on Tuesday morning that her office will investigate the incident. She also urged residents to report incidents of racism so the appropriate action can be taken. 
“I have established a special desk in my office for people to lodge complaints about alleged racism,” De Lille said.
Bigotry trending?The #MatthewTheunissen controversy follows hot on the heels of the furore caused by Ntokozo Qwabe – the Rhodes Must Fall activist who refused to tip a waitress in Observatory, Cape Town.
A leading figure in the RMF movement at Oxford University,  Qwabe boasted about the incident on Facebook, which took place at famed Obz Cafe on Thursday.
“LOL wow unable to stop smiling because something so black, wonderful LIT just happened!,” he wrote.
Qwabe explained in his post that when the time came for the bill, he did not know what the appropriate amount was for a tip. Dlamini then took the slip of paper and wrote, “WE WILL GIVE TIP WHEN YOU RETURN THE LAND”.
When the waitress, 24-year-old Ashleigh Schultz, returned to process payment, she looked at the note and allegedly started shaking and teared up – which Qwabe referred to as “typical white tears”. – Additional reporting by African News AgencyFeel free to add your comment. For a free directory entry go to:For your free directory entry. Do you know this person? Add to this page. Do you know anything more? Add to the page.

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